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It's time for freshness!

Warm sunny days, fresh produce, and great people are all just around the corner - it’s time for farmer’s market season! It’s the season where you don’t need to wonder about where your groceries are coming from, because it’s all locally-produced, and you can shop in the summer sun as opposed to indoors at a supermarket.

You may have gotten to know us at local markets through Yogi’s Choice, but this year, Market House is very excited to be able to provide you with even more! Along with our Yogi’s Choice body products, shoppers will also be able to find locally-made food products such as North Fork potato chips and Saltopia salt rubs. We also plan on bringing some of our many deliciously-scented candles. Keep an eye out for us at the River Vale Farmer’s Market (beginning Thursdays on June 18th from 12pm to 6pm) and the Allendale Farmer’s Market (beginning Saturdays on June 6th from 9:30am to 2:30pm).

If you don’t have time to stop by these markets, but are still looking for local and fresh food, then remember to check out our Farmigo page! Orders can be placed before midnight on Thursdays and can be picked up at our store on Mondays, and it’s a convenient and hassle-free way to take advantage of the farmer’s market season.

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