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Mexico Mission 2017 Kindergarten in Kanxoc

Today we visited a preschool in the village of Kanxoc that had 40 kids ages 4 & 5. All of the girls got a new piece of clothing from Ali & Joe or a dress made by a Girl Scout troop in River Vale, the boys got new tee shirts. We also had crayons and coloring books for them (I'm pretty sure they were most excited by the coloring books). We had mini despensas for all of the families as well which turned out to be not so mini (thank you for all the generous donations). Thank you to Danielle Michon for helping us haul everything out to the village! Thank you to Antonio for helping us carry everything and thank you to Ingrid for finding us the school in your village. Eliza Sutnick & Tara Adrian Schlessinger thank you so much for the clothing. We were able to give out extras to siblings as well. We couldn't do this without Denis Larsen & Casa Hamaca Guesthouse! Thank you!

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