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Family of 5 in Tinum

The sixth house seems to have had 5 people living at it (my spanish isn't great and my Maya is nonexistent so I often miss this that are being said. The grandmother at the house was 90 years old and seemed to be incredibly spry for her age. I told her how beautiful she was and commented on how great she looked. Her daughter told me that her mother was very sick and that she had breast cancer. The father in the house seemed to have some sort of trouble getting around, I'm not sure if it was something he was born with or if he was in some sort of an accident. The daughter was deaf but was taught sign language and could read lips. They live in a large village/small city and they don't have a doctor. That's one of the things that always seems to really hit me is the lack of access to healthcare. I've been lucky enough to grown up in an area where the question has never been is there a doctor we can get to but which doctor should we go to. I can't help but look at the sweet faces of the children and wonder if one of them won't make it to adulthood because they couldn't get to a hospital or doctor when they needed to. We started to leave the house and I realized that we'd attracted some attention from the neighborhood kids. I went to take a picture of the 2 girls when the boy hopped off the wall he was climbing so that he could get his picture taken too.

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