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House #2 Village of Tinum Mexico Mission 2017

We left the first house and this man was standing in front. Allen told me that we were going to the old man's house next and that he lived next door. The woman from the first house walked up to the man, and yelled in his ear DESPENSAS! Apparently he was mostly deaf. He turned and led the way to his home. The picture of the little hut is his home, I couldn't get a picture of the inside because it was too small, it was barely big enough to hang his hammock in, defiantly the smallest home I've ever been to. I asked how he got money since it didn't seem that he had family living in a near by hut (which is fairly common to see). They told me that he has no family so at 80 years old he still has to work in the fields to support himself, he looked like if a big wind came it would knock him over. I leave most homes with a warm feeling inside, this one just left me with tears in his eyes. Absolutely heartbreaking...

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