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The old man waiting for his wife in Tinum

House number 4 was up on top of a little hill by the railroad tracks. I could hear Alan talking to the man at the door, he was asking for the mans wife but she wasn't home. We told him we had a gift for him and he sounded nervous to let us in without his wife being home but opened the door as soon as he heard it was a despensa. The front of the home was concrete but had a stick palapa attached to the back which was used as the kitchen. As soon as he saw me take my camera out he quickly too off his hat and fixed his hair, I always find that the elderly are the first to check their hair when I take photos, it always makes me chuckle. He was kind, thankful, but a bit uneasy about taking the despensa, as if he wasn't sure how he was going to explain this to his wife when she got home! Too bad Maria wasn't home, I would have liked to have met her. I only wish I could see her face when she got home and found the gift we left her.

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