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Spotlight on: KidEssence

When Tricia Lee’s daughter, Erin, turned 2, her grandparents gave her a “3-way” easel for her birthday, complete with a chalkboard, dry erase board, and painting surface all in one item. It quickly grew to become Erin’s favorite, and she was constantly spending her time drawing and painting on it. So instead of trying to collapse it and shove it away, Tricia left it out only to take up a significant amount of space in their tiny 2-bedroom apartment. As she watched her daughter develop a love of art through the use of her first easel, Tricia found the inspiration to make her art supplies portable and easy to stow away. And, while she sought to create such an item, she wanted to create something that Erin would use, not only at the age of 2, but at the ages of 5, 6, 7, and even 10 years old.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 1.12.26 PM.png

That’s why Tricia created the Portable Art Book, Travel Chalkboard, and Travel Felt Boards and formed her company, KidEssence (originally TLee Custom Designs). Erin now takes her art supplies everywhere she goes, and they are simple and convenient for Tricia to keep in her purse or backpack until needed in an environment that may not be so kid-friendly.

For the parent who’s constantly on the go, or doesn’t have the storage for yet another huge toy, KidEssence products are the perfect solution. Unlike other art supplies for kids, these simple creations are perfect companions for kids to bring when they leave the house, and don’t make any mess! If you’re looking for an easy, fun, and timeless way to foster your child’s creativity, then a KidEssence product is exactly what you need.

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